Welcome to the Peaceful Heart Center

Nothing real can be threatened, Nothing unreal exists.

Nothing real can be threatened, Nothing unreal exists.

Proclaim the truth of love, and be the love
as a model for those who cannot understand.
You must be willing to follow God’s instructions.

You must be able to model the
highest form of love you can.
Most of all you must truly adore God,
love yourself as heavenly realms love you,
and then love all life as yourself.

Be Love. Model Love. Become the Christ.
The invisible realms of love, truth, and light
are reserved only for those
who choose it and live it.

Live in the thought of love toward all,
and your life will become an increasing prayer.
Love is the key to all knowledge, wisdom, and power.

Dwell in this love and you will see as God sees.


Our mission is to share this message by:

  • Offering prayers and guidance on site, via email, and through various spiritual classes, speakers, teachers, and retreats offered at Peaceful Heart Center throughout the year.
  • Encouraging and uplifting you in any area of your life.
  • Equipping you with information on the area of your spiritual interest.
  • Offering a sanctuary to stay with us awhile and re-center.
  • Helping craft your WEDDING or sacred occasion or rituals to become intimately personal yet joyously pleasurable.

Rev. Deborah S. Brown, Minister of Peace

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